is marketing for the physical world.

Start with the person, not their email address.

Digging for consumer data on the web is more costly and less reliable than ever. Untap first-party data organically from your prospects and make smarter business decisions, faster.

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Higher conversions. Deeper connections. Better insights.

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How It Works

In under 5 minutes you can create a Tapple experience that targets a specific audience at a specific location. Need to make adjustments? You can do it in less time than it takes to brush your teeth.

Smart Content, Stronger Relationships

Our content intelligently optimizes in realtime to offer personalized rewards and build stronger #brand2human relationships.

QR Reporting & Analysis

Tapple gives you the power to unearth new insights anywhere your brand meets consumers in the physical world.

From Our Clients

Your Complete QR Data Platform

No App to Download

Tapple is app-less so there's nothing to download to view content.


Easily share your data with other platforms

Email & SMS Verification

Verify contact information for remarketing

Geo Share

Drop your content at a location for others to access when nearby


Gain behavioral insights by understanding how, when and where consumers access your content

Data Privacy

Data controls to meet stringent compliance standards

Smart Delivery

Want to offer coffee when it’s cold and lemonade when it's hot? Tapple can do that

Data Security

SaaS industry-standard security practices