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Tapple's physical world marketing platform is unrivaled with our productivity-first tools, super fast content delivery, and unique business insight generation.


Save time creating and deploying QR code experiences using Tapple's productivity-first tools.


Tapple experiences load extremely fast reducing bounces and increasing conversion rates.


Tapple generates sophisticated insights with a unique blend of physical and digital data points.


With opportunity around every corner [ literally ] , use Tapple to generate immediate value in the physical world for your brand. See how Tapple helps brands increase real world engagement and deliver post-event [ gold ]


Tapple is built for speed and efficiency with all of your QR code needs in one centralized place.

In under 5 minutes you can create a Tapple experience that targets a specific audience at a specific location. Need to make adjustments? You can do it in less time than it takes to [ brush your teeth ]

Need to download a QR code as a specific size in image format or even a PDF? No problem. Need to quickly send a batch of QR codes to a designer or print shop? Easy-peasy. How about an entire QR code poster you can print on any home or work printer? We have you covered.


Tapple provides robust design tools to customize all aspects of your QR code campaigns with [ no design skills required ]. Pick from [ 1,000+ fonts ] optimized to load quickly and render beautifully. Our collection of [ color palettes ] are assembled with accessibility and aesthetics in mind.


At its core, Tapple is a data and insights platform. You can rest assured your data is safe and secure on the Tapple platform as we follow [ stringent security and data control standards ].

We honor that the data you collect on the Tapple platform belongs to you. We do not share your data with third parties.

We provide a wide range of data controls and features, with some notable ones defined in the chart below.

Data Points
Tapple generates an expansive set of data points when consumers interact with your content. This includes physical world details like location and weather data, consumption time, conversion rates and our proprietary engagement score.
Data Privacy
Easily isolate and control personal information (PI) from the data you collect. This includes deleting personal information or a larger set of privacy data based on search criteria.
Data Exports
Export your data into other platforms quickly and easily with industry standard export formats.
Data Audits
View audit trails when data is deleted and exported.
Receive notifications when a consumers scan your QR codes.
Daily Digests
Receive daily emails with an overview of consumer activity.
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