Our Story

In 2017, our inventor left his comfy tech job to solve one problem: how can technology help us build richer, real life experiences?

While some saw a growing divide between technology and human interaction, he saw an opportunity to build a bridge. Our goal is to turn fantasy into reality for small and large business owners, empowering consumers to "meet" the makers of a bag, join an event, purchase a piece of artwork, or simply checkout of a hotel, all without opening an app or making a call.

Tapple is extremely powerful yet wonderfully simple, and can deliver nearly any kind of message you can imagine, anywhere your audience is located, instantly.

Our service offers relief from immeasurable marketing efforts by making your communication accessible anywhere, and simultaneously gathering data on when, where and how often your message is accessed.

Want to change your message based on the weather or an upcoming holiday? Now you can. Go ahead, pinch yourself.

Tapple hit the market for public consumption on January 1st, 2019. We are humbled to say that just a few months later, we became proud partners with several landmark Boston organizations including hotels, museums, and community organizations. We're helping them move from mass marketing to smarter messaging, and we'd love to do the same for you.