What is a Covid Compliance Officer for Live Production?

Ryan Monahan

October 27 2020

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When brick and mortar businesses began shutting down in the Spring of 2020 due to Covid-19, so too, did the live production sets where cinematic productions and TV shows were filmed. As fear and uncertainty took hold, the entertainment industry faced a nightmarish timeline for when a safe return to work would be possible.

As a result, the pressure to produce content in tandem with the risks of resuming face-to-face employment spawned a pivotal new production crew position: the Covid Compliance Officer (CCO).

According to a recent article from Variety, these special staff members are trained and certified through production-specific online training seminars. These seminars provide information about various laws and guidelines on the local, state, and federal levels as well as important information about the coronavirus.

And where there’s growth, there’s tech. Boston startup Tapple recently partnered with The Bench, a U.S.-based staffing agency, to help their Covid Compliance Officers provide a fully contactless service in keeping with LA County’s list of regulations and guidelines, otherwise known as Appendix J.

Using Tapple’s QR-code-based Touchless Health Screener and contact tracing technology, The Bench’s CCOs are able offer end to end contactless service while ensuring any personal health information collected is protected by the blue chip data security system supporting Tapple’s platform.

The two joined forces when Sophia Patten, Regional Director of The Bench, was frustrated by the lack of resources available for health screening and contact tracing during Covid Compliance Officer training.

"There was little out there on how to safely collect information on-site. Passing paper and pens back and forth at check-in every day just wasn't going to work, especially when you have a crew of 200 people walking in in a matter of hours. It makes both parties feel uncomfortable, it increases the risk of viral spread, and requires manual work to transfer that data online, not to mention ensuring the privacy of the data. It was a lot of paper-chasing that I didn't really have time for or feel comfortable physically handling."

In an effort to create an out of the box solution to address the intensive industry mandates, The Bench teamed up with Tapple to offer production companies the ability to hire a completely contactless Covid Compliance service.

"We're thrilled to team up with Tapple to help the industry build and maintain momentum during the pandemic. Tapple was the missing link for our offering," said Sophia Patten, Regional Director at The Bench.

Cleaning Up the Confusion

But what specifically do Covid Compliance Officers do?

The goal of a Covid Compliance Officer is to ensure that live production sets adhere to the guidelines required to create a "compliant-safe" working environment. Pre-production and on-set communication from the CCO’s play a critical role in ensuring that viral spread is all but eliminated, and that workers are mentally put at ease when returning to the live production setting.

Covid Compliance Officers are required to be both the first to arrive and the last to leave the location. They designate entry points, handle check-ins for all staff and crew members (i.e. scanning badges, touchless health screeners, contact tracing, etc.), and make sure that there is proper ventilation and access to bathrooms, sinks, and hand sanitizer throughout the location. CCOs wear N95 masks and face shields, nitrile gloves, and construction vests as part of their protective equipment.

CCOs coordinate with pre-production staff to provide information and safety materials and ensure staggered arrival times to avoid lines to get in. They also manage the food/beverage stations and disinfection procedures, ensuring proper distancing between talent, directors, and cameras. CCOs also handle data management for health screening and contact tracing.

Covid Compliance Officers are key to providing and maintaining a safe and compliant work environment for live production staff and crew members. Given the current timeline for viral treatment and vaccines, it looks as though CCO’s will be here to stay for the foreseeable future in the entertainment industry.

If your business is looking for contactless resources for health screening and contact tracing, you can learn more about Tapple’s Touchless Health Screener and schedule a free demo here.