Four Secrets of a Successful QR Code Campaign

Karen Kelly

August 14 2019

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The average urban American sees 5 – 10,000 brand messages a day, yet they recall only a handful.


Timing is everything. Selling ice cream at nine o’clock in the morning on a 50 degree day is an uphill battle. The same ice cream offered at four o’clock in 80 degree weather draws a stampede.

In the fight to defend a slice of consumer attention in 2019, brand messaging needs to be more than just visible – it needs to be personally and contextually relevant.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably debating a QR messaging campaign, or you’re trying to figure out why yours flopped.

There are a few secrets to deploying a QR code campaign successfully, which can propel scan conversions to a whopping average of 94%. We’ll get to those in a minute.

QR codes are a very cost-effective messaging vehicle in that they don’t require more than a single sheet of paper, and can deliver anything available on the internet, instantly.

What’s more, iPhone and Android cameras are now equipped with a QR reader built-in, so you can kiss your scanner app goodbye. For Android users not on the latest operating software, you can access a QR reader for free on the web at

But simply slapping a QR on your packaging isn’t enough to drive engagement. QR codes must be deployed strategically to your target audience based on demographics and psychographics, like any other piece of brand messaging.

Consumer education is still needed to understand the ease of scanning, and perhaps most importantly, brands must understand what motivates audiences to scan.

When audiences are motivated to access information, and they understand how easy it is to access, conversions skyrocket.

Here’s an infographic of the building blocks of a great QR campaign.

These conversion commandments have been proven to exponentially increase consumer engagement with QR:

1.Call to Action: Tell your audience WHY they should scan upfront by offering discounts, giveaways or access to exclusive content. (i.e. “Scan here to voice your opinion and receive your free sample.”)

2.Scanning Instructions: Tell your audience HOW to scan by providing easy-to-read instructions for how to scan without using an app (iPhone: point camera here - Android: scan at

3.Maintain Momentum: Your QR experience should immediately remind consumers WHY they scanned and HOW they will benefit from completing your QR Experience. (i.e. “Provide your information below in order to receive your 20% coupon right to your inbox.”)

There are boundless opportunities to leverage QR in the real world – from collecting consumer feedback, to improving operational efficiencies, cleaning up packaging, and instant shopping, the messaging possibilities are limited only by one’s imagination.

Ready to give a QR campaign a try or looking to know more? Scan the code above, or head over to to learn more.