Grow More Than a Brand

Americans use over $4 billion of paper per day. That’s 68 million trees a year. What’s worse, 45% of printed paper ends up in the trash by the end of the day.

The good news? You can help shred that number by distributing unlimited information to your audience’s mobile device with Tapple.

Just one QR scan or NFC tap unlocks unlimited mobile content for your audience. So skip the prints, save tons of money, and join a movement to save millions of trees.

Save Green. Make Green.

Going Tapple green doesn't just help the environment. It supports
your brand too.

  • Rest easy knowing our renewable QR codes never expire
  • Slash printing costs through digital content distribution
  • Minimize waste and recycling costs
  • Improve your brand's social value
  • Attract business partners and investors with economical initiatives
  • Generate goodwill through eco-conscious behavior
  • And last but certainly not least, save paper

Paper Saved By Tapple Brands


Plant Your Message

What’s more, we’re not just reducing the need for paper, we’re adding green back to the earth.

For every 20,000 scans, we plant a Tapple tree. We’re growing a forest powered by eco-loving companies who want to take action to help save our planet.

Join us and go greener with Tapple.