COVID-19 Touchless Health Screener:
Helping Businesses Reopen Their Doors

As business owners prepare to reopen their doors, we've created a low cost solution to help ensure the safety and comfort of your staff and visitors.

Our Health Check product is a way for anyone with a smartphone to easily gain access to messaging from your business and attest to their health before entering the premises.

We are NOT an app, and messaging can be accessed directly from scanning our QR codes, via SMS, or email. There's no external hardware to setup. Your business can be up and running in about an hour.

Try It

Experience the product in action by scanning the code below. Fill out the form to see the customization for a return response. There's no app required, just open your smartphone camera and point it at the code, or scan for free at

Long-Term Health & Safety

Many industries are being mandated to provide a way to verify the health of their visitors, others are doing it to ensure the safety of their staff and avoid potential liability.

Tapple is an out of the box solution that allows business owners to quickly and safely reopen their doors while mitigating the spread of COVID-19.